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Priced to be competitive DELIVERED to Edmonton, Fort St. John and other popular rig mat destinations.

Canada Rig Mats Ltd. manufactures safe, top quality rig mats and crane mats at competitive pricing. We stress the importance of quality, as we know that rig mat and crane mat users want a strong, durable mat that is safe and is built to last. We have incorporated innovative designs into our mats that make them safer, stronger and more practical.

The steel in our rig mats is processed by a cost-effective fully automated CNC robotic plasma cutting machine (PythonX) to ensure clean cuts with amazing accuracy. All of our welding is performed by certified fabricators with all welds being done in the flat position in an indoor shop environment using wire feed welders to guarantee quality welds on all of our mats.

We only use top quality premium grade decking to ensure that mat surfaces are flush and quality wood is used. Our decking is custom sawn at 5.75" in height and is dado grooved on the ends of the timber to ensure that the wood fits snug between the wide flange frame and provides a safe flush surface. We offer a variety of wood species which include Spruce/Pine/Fir, Douglas-fir and Hemlock.

To learn more about our matting solutions, please click on the “Rig Mats” tab.

Canada Rig Mats Ltd. Logo

Innovative Matting Solutions

Rig Mat Bullnose End
Rig Mat Bullnose End

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Canada Rig Mats Ltd. Logo
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