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Anti-Trip Bullnose Ends

At Canada Rig Mats we understand the importance of safety on the job site, so we have designed an Anti-Trip Bullnose End. Standard rig mats with pipe ends, or “Roll Ends”, have a crevice when butted against each other which causes a tripping hazard. Our Anti-Trip Bullnose Ends fit square and tight together which eliminates this trip hazard.

Not only are our ends safer, but they also skid smoothly along any surface. Our Anti-Trip Bullnose Ends are formed from one solid peice of plate which is Canada Rig Mats' Ltd. own unique design. To go the extra step, CRM ensures that our customers still receive the same round lifting point which they are accustomed to by welding a half piece of pipe on the back side where the rigging is attached. This way our customers do not have to change their rigging practices.

For extra strength, we cope the longitudinal beams (stringers) into the Anti-Trip Bullnose Ends which is a stronger connection point than adding in gusset plates.

Our advanced designed ends are fully welded so there are no gaps in which mud, rocks and dirt can enter the cavity. Please view the pictures to the right in order to get a better understanding of our Anti-Trip Bullnose Ends.

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