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"Easy Clean" Shackle System

Our unique “Easy Clean” Shackle System is optimal for removing frozen and non-frozen mud and dirt from the shackle pockets. The concave bottom of the shackle pocket allows debris to be easily removed with minimal effort. Standard shackle pockets have square bottoms which traps debris and makes it extremely hard to remove, especially when frozen. This “Easy Clean” Shackle System ensures that the shackles pockets can be efficiency cleaning making the shackles readily available to the user.

Canada Rig Mats also seals their shackle pockets from the rest of the rig mat frame. This integral part of the shackle system prevents mud, dirt and rocks from traveling into the cavities of the frame, becoming impossible to remove unless the mat is dismantled. Canada Rig Mats is the only rig mat manufacturing company that has this advanced sealed shackle pocket system.

Debris in the shackle pockets and cavities of the frame can cause multiple issues which include:

Permanently increasing the weight of the mat unless it is dismantled and cleaned out after every use.Broken welds, bending steel, shifting wood, etc. when the debris freezes and expands.Hazards to other vehicles as the debris in the shackle pockets may become free during transportation.

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