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Canada Rig Mats' product is strong, durable, reliable and of superior quality. All steel is cut with a cost-effective fully automated robotic plasma-processing machine. We cope and fully weld our cross-members into the longitudinal beams to add extra strength to the rig mat. Our welding is performed by certified welders to ensure quality workmanship. Canada Rig Mats' decking is cut and notched at our sawmill to guarantee quality and level surfaces. Each rig mat is inspected to maintain our high quality standards and ensure consistency. Please see chart below to view our rig mat specifications and the different options and customizations that we offer. To learn more about Canada Rig Mats' unique and innovative rig mat advancements, please use the sub-menu under "Rig Mats".

Rig Mat Options

Strong • Safe Durable • Reliable • Quality

Anti-Trip Bullnose End

Rig Mat Bullnose End

Interlocking System

Rig Mat Interlocking System

Douglas-fir Decking

Rig Mat Decking

"Easy Clean" Shackle 

Rig Mat Shackles
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